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  Guangzhou Yuhong gas moldings , Ltd. is one of the first professional production of the balloon , inflatable large enterprises. ( Founded in 1992 ) , Guangzhou Yuhong Inflatable Products Co., Ltd is a large manufacturer of inflatable toys and inflatable advertising products ( established in 1992 ) .

  After ten years of arduous and fruitful efforts , our company has developed into a research and development, production and sales of gas-products of modern enterprise ; Our company has advanced technology , excellent technical workers and first-class production equipment .

  Our main products include: 1 inflatable toys, such as inflatable fun city , inflatable slides , inflatable castle , inflatable bouncer , inflatable combination , inflatable tents , inflatable products and inflatable water sports products ; . 2 inflatable advertising products : such as inflatable arches, inflatable cartoon , inflatable pillar , inflatable model, inflatable ball airborne off the earth and so on . In addition , our company can produce customized inflatable products according to customer requirements.

  Our products have been sold in more than 100 countries and regions , such as USA, Canada, Mexico, Europe , South American countries , the Middle East , Southeast Asia and Africa and so on.

  Our production of all products undergo strict quality testing, and with the factory according to the size suitable for forming the fan to get the best results ; Our products have won domestic and foreign customers praise . The company produces a variety of inflatable products through rigorous testing , with a corresponding power blowers to achieve the best model , domestic and foreign customers praise . Our products will bring your business " Universal globe, rainbow over the Divine " propaganda .